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Hotel Continental. since 1880


According to the Board of Monuments of the city's review, Hotel Continental Saigon was built in 1880, with characteristic architectural features, such as, a tile roof, thick brick walls, spacious bedrooms and public areas, and four-meter high ceilings to avoid the heat of the tropics and to make use of the wind and natural light. The design of hotel is in the form of a rectangle, in the center is a large garden with three frangipanies planted in 1880 and still flourishing today, these features create a unique feeling of peace and quiet in the midst of this dynamic city that can only be found at the Hotel Continental Saigon.

In terms of harmony in the city's architectural ensemble, along with the Municipal theatre (1898), Notre Dame Cathedral (1880), City Post Office (1891), People's Committee of Ho Chi Minh City (1898), ReunificationPalace (1966) and Ben Thanh Market (1914) the Hotel Continental Saigon is a focal point in the architecture of the downtown area, maintaining the past historical period in the formation and construction of Saigon-Ho Chi Minh City.

Các loại phòng

Các loại phòng

From the very beginning the design of the hotel was important. The architects of the 1880s thought to take advantage of the tropical climate, such as natural light and wind to make the bedrooms bright and cool, so each of the hotel rooms are spacious, 4m high ceilings, thick brick walls to prevent solar heat in summer. The rooms are always filled with sunshine from the balconies or windows over looking the Opera House, hotel’s courtyard or city view. The architect also designed inside bed rooms for those do not like being bothered by sunlight when they not ready to welcome the new day.


Tiện nghi

Nhà hàng

Restaurants in the Hotel Continental Saigon own a long history like the hotel itself.

Spa - Beauty & Health

Nowadays, the City’s events are held in front of the Opera House and life in Dong Khoi Street is still busy.

Conference Room

All our function rooms are located on the first floor, very convenient for all kinds of meeting and events.

Hội nghị & Sự kiện

Organizers choose Hotel Continental Saigon to hold their meetings because of hotel’s meeting rooms are well equipped and offer a wide choice of meeting functions such as workshops, seminars, product launches and video conferences. We take care of serving your guests with a tea break with a variety of home-made cakes, fruits, tea and coffee and a delicious lunch or dinner with both Western and Vietnamese dishes. We take care of decorating the meeting room by choosing the best flowers of the day for decoration. Everything will be ready in our meeting rooms for your guests to enjoy the most comfortable atmosphere.
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