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Restaurants & Bars

Restaurants in the Hotel Continental Saigon own a long history like the hotel itself. Here was the rendezvous point for politicians and correspondents to discuss about the war and daily news “If the walls of Hotel Continental could talk they would tell you lots of secrets”. The restaurants of Hotel Continental were chosen as well-know rendezvous points because of their very good location for people to hide themselves watching what was happening outside, in front of the Opera House and in Catinat Street (Dong Khoi Street today).

Nowadays, the City’s events are held in front of the Opera House and life in Dong Khoi Street is still busy. The Eden shopping mall replaced by the modern Union Square Shopping Mall, but restaurants in the Hotel Continental Saigon still retain the old charm and the taste of traditional dishes are getting better every day…

Le Bourgeois Restaurant

This restaurant was the most favorite rendezvous of Graham Greene during his stay in Saigon.

La Dolce Vita café

Situated on the ground floor, overlooking the modern Union Square shopping mall. In the past it was known as “Café de la Hien” (Cafe under the veranda)

Continental Palace Restaurant

Situated on the ground floor, connected with the Continental Patio, a lovely venue for breakfast.