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Environmental Policy

Hotel Continental Saigon's environmental policy

The Hotel Continental Saigon is a green hotel that has achieved a certificate for complying with the requirements set by ASEAN Green Hotel Standard (2008-2012). In order to develop a stable green tourism, the Board of Directors of the Hotel Continental Saigon undertake with a commitment:

1] To fully comply with local environmental laws and stipulations promulgated by the other concerned organizations.
2] To fully improve the measures in order to reduce harmful risks to people and environment, to deal with any problem or urgent situation as it might arise.
3] To make use of the energy source at its best, through conscientious practices without affecting customer service in quality as well as to manage harmful wastes to the environment.
4] To update the new environmental laws, to plan our training and educational programs for the entire staff in order to enhance awareness of environmental protection.
5] To be determined to maintain and develop the environmental management system of the hotel in accordance with ISO 14001 standards.

You are invited to cooperate with us to protect our environment by saving water, electricity and limiting the use of chemical consumption during your stay at Hotel Continental Saigon. Your participation is highly appreciated.

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