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Restaurants & Bars » La Dolce Vita Bar

Situated on ground floor, the connection between Continental Palace Restaurant and the Continental Patio. In the morning, La Dolce Vita Bar serves drinks for breakfast. In the afternoon, this is a lovely place to indulge your self in the peaceful scene with a glass of Vietnamese coffee, and some snacks. It is so cool! The Vietnamese enjoy coffee in a distinct way. Coffee not made in a machine, but soaked in hot water, drop-by-drop falls into a highball glass with condensed milk inside. The time you are waiting for the coffee to drop down is the most relax moment, before tasting the sweet coffee mix in the natural coffee flavor. Please do not forget to remember your trip with a Vietnamese coffee in our La Dolce Vita bar.                                           

Operation hours from 6:30 am - 10:30 pm daily

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